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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2016, 12:57 PM
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welp- I thought I had time to commit to dA again but nope :iconlazypoolplz:

my uni letter came, I'm admitted to the entrance exam, so now I gotta prepare a homework project for the exam which is on May 12th

aaaand I kinda
ended up getting myself a puppy
two to be honest, but one belongs to my sister
so trying to be a good pup mom and finishing the project literally takes up all my time atm
sighs i was so looking forward to time off
after May 12th maybe if I can train my pup Idefix (a cookie for the person who knows where the name comes from) well enough to be left on his own for a while when I draw etc

I'll be checking dA occasionally still, so if there's anything you need to talk about, hmu

meanwhile have some pup pictures
(mine's the black n white one, he's kinda tiny and his brother Vito has model legs lol)
(both are 12 weeks young chihuahua pups)

//slides in LIFE UPDATE: IM BACK

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 13, 2016, 7:37 PM
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goodness gracious this hiatus took way longer than I had hoped for _( ┐「ه: )_
but im finally back !!!!

I've finished my douji and after that I had to cram my university portfolio super last minute ;;;;;
I've handed it in just yesterday PHEW-
[for all who follow me on twitter know abt my struggles lol SWEATS]
I'm applying at a local university to major in media design - which later splits into media design, animation or game design [the two latter being which im gonna decide between]
Now to wait and see if they accept me- and if, that means an entrance exam for me-- basically they're testing your artistic talent including the portfolio, a homework prompt you get beforehand and a few minor drawings and an interview on testing day--- IM KINDA HYPED and in p good spirits in general towards the whole university thing
My portfolio was not at all what I draw usually and it was so much fun broadening my horizon and see what else i can do and it ended up being a great experience that boosted my confidence in my art in general SIGHS CONTENTLY
there'll be a dump with all my portfolio works like- a few minutes after I posted this haha

next up is a big con next week from Wednesday to Sunday so I'll be kinda afk again for a few days, but after that I plan on tackling my to-do list and finally getting all that art i owe out of the way cause jfc ive taken long enough and i apologize again if you're still waiting IM GARBAGE IM SORRY OTL

aand that's about it
I'm glad to be back hehe

now to reply to the notes and comments omg SWEATS MORE ;;;;;;;;;;;;


Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 10:08 PM
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I hope all of you have a super nice New Year's Eve and hopefully see some really pretty fireworks and celebrate in a way you enjoy ( ´ ε  `)

with the new year comes a full hiatus for me, I will be BLOCKING all my social media until the end of January/start of February since I got lots of deadlines and need to focus without getting distracted to get everything done right
[yeah I need to block stuff for myself or else I'll get tempted into distraction orz]

I will hopefully only be absent until the estimated time, could be longer however depending on how fast I can really work
MAYBE if I work super productively I'll check back a few times, but I first really need to get a buttload of work out of my way


General UPDATE

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 11, 2015, 4:18 PM
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just a real quick update from me:

I've got lots of stuff I need to finish in a very short amount of time rn
so I'll prolly have to postpone non-deadline stuff for a bit
I gotta whip out a portfolio for a university application next spring +
some other rl projects + gb & christmas gifts here

I'll try to work as fast as I can to make all my deadlines and then have
time for the rest I owe [I swear I feel so bad ugh]
The maximum amount of time needed will be until the beginning of
March 2016, but as I said, I'll work as fast as possible

That also means I might not check my dA as often and suck even more
at replying stuff, but for those that really need to reach me, you can
message me on FB or twitter for sure !

Also I'll reply comments in a bit WEEPS

Santas-Everywhere '15 - Wishlist

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 19, 2015, 11:28 PM
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Just a quick but big thank you to rieule for letting me participate in :iconsantas-everywhere: :iconsoemotionalplz:

Dear lovely secret santa of mine,

first and foremost:
may I offer you some milk and cookies?
jk jk

I hope you will find some joy and pleasure in drawing my gift - even though all my beloved sons are embarrassing losers haha
I am going to base my wishlist for you on my preference, as to make it easier for you to choose perhaps ( ´ ︶  `)

One request I have for you beforehand:
Please please please pay good attention to my characters' details !
Details are very important to me and I have made sure to provide all the necessary info to draw my characters correctly in the links below, so I would really like to ask you to read carefully (´╥ ω ╥`)

[ 1 ] MamoKiss

All references and character infos can be found on that page ♥
so if you should choose to draw them, I will forever shower you with my undying love

[ 2A ] Harlei & Orlir

2A and 2B are of equal preference to me !
If you like it a little rougher, these two might pique your interest hehe

[ 2B ] Munsu & Jay


Munsu always tried so hard to befriend Jay, but Jay is a butt and as emotional as a stone tbh so it took some serious warming up until Munsu eventually cracked him with his walking ball of sunshine nature.
They're a quite comical duo and Munsu just loves to purposely annoy Jay from time to time, for example by picking him up, making cheeky comments or simply being a dumb cutie.
He's pretty much Jay's loyal dog haha and eventually Jay has gotten used to him by now and actually came to like him more than he wants to admit.
They're a lighthearted otp

[ 3 ] Single Characters:

[same preference for all here]

Just in case you get too busy this year, secret santa, you can always pick one of these losers to draw, too ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
However, in all honesty, I would be much more thrilled if you picked one of the first three otps ♥

Did you already see someone to your liking?
It would be the greatest for me to know that you enjoy my characters (´▽`)

Thank you so much for your hard work already and I wish you a Merry Christmas ahead of time ♥

With lots of love, your BJ

can someone help

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 18, 2015, 6:33 PM
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For some time now my twitter gallery won't update the pictures I tweet and they get lost in all of the other tweets and idk what's wrong bc it happens on mobile and web 

I'm at a loss here does anyone else have this problem / know how to fix it or what is up?I

A discussion about art styles

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 2:10 PM
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Okay, so today I stumbled over an interesting topic that's bothered me for quite a while now on this one specific tumblr blog I will not name here lmao

And I just thought to myself that I would like to have a discussion about this topic on dA with the people here.

Before you continue reading please remember I'm stating my own opinion, you don't have to agree or like it, it's just my thoughts on this topic and I appreciate if you voice your own opinion on this topic in the comments below, too.

'Copying' Art Styles [ ? ] '

I'm pretty sure most of you have at least once come across a case like this:
Person A [usually a well-known artist (and often specifically on dA)] draws in a really distinct style that is instantly recognizable as 'theirs' when looking at an artwork.
Now there's a Person B who comes along and mimics Person A's style to the point where it is ridiculously similar.

I am not talking about being inspired/influenced by a style, I am not talking about people who have been inspired by the same category/group of art styles, I am not talking about taking bits and pieces of several styles to build your own, I'm not talking about practicing to develop your own style, I am not talking about achieving a similar style to someone's on your own time studying and experimenting and I am not talking about styles that are considered 'generic anime' style, I am talking about very recognizable and distinct styles and legitimately taking all special attributes to a specific style and imitating them nearly 100% and sticking with it, not changing it as you go, but keeping the 'style copy' all the time.

I know I'm watching many artists who had this kind of problem and I often see people around where I think 'Oh, well this looks like artist XY' when it's not.
And I also know that every single one of them has been at least bothered if not even pissed off about it.

In the past and today I've read many comments on this topic that got me thinking and I decided to make this journal to share my opinion and see what other people think.

In my opinion copying an artist's unique style is the worst.
Yes, I am calling it copying and yes, I am calling styles unique.
And I do not consider copying a style just 'experimenting'.

I've read people say
'You can't copyright a style'
'Styles aren't really unique/special, there will always be someone out there who draws like you, you just haven't seen them yet'
'Artists need to get that special snowflake thinking out of their heads'
'If you're an inspiration to someone it's bound to happen'
'Be proud of it that someone actually took the time to copy your style'
'They're just experimenting'
'If all that you have as an artist is your style, that's just sad'

Yeah, you're right, we can't copyright our styles legally, but everybody should have the decency to give only the 'original' artist credit for their style and not take what took them a long time to develop just because we can't copyright it.

No, certain styles ARE unique/special and those are the ones I am addressing in this journal.
I think that styles are individual and that in most cases of nearly-100% style similarity it does not root in someone coincidentally having developed their style exactly like mine because it was a fated development.

Again, no. NO NO NO.
Not all artists who complain about actual style copying have 'special snowflake thinking'.
It is true that some in this community tend to just overdo it an take everything as a personal offense to their individuality, but honestly there are some really decent artists out there who get copied for being popular with their style and they don't think 'I'M A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE DO NOT COPY I OWN THIS I'M THE MOST SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE OF THEM ALL!!!!111'.
Humans are highly individual beings, that's in their nature, every person is special in their own way and nobody can deny anyone their individuality.
So do you really blame artists for feeling offended when someone tries to take away a part of them?
We all want to be special, it's just natural, so if someone takes something unique to us that makes us special away from us, we will be offended.
For an artist [or at least those I spoke to and myself] their style is something incredibly valuable and important, perhaps even the most important thing in their art career, so I don't blame anyone if they feel sad or angry when someone just takes that important thing and makes it their own.

If I am an inspiration to someone then being INSPIRED by my style is bound to happen and okay too, but being blatantly copied is NOT bound to happen.
Inspiration is good, copying isn't.

Well, I guess it is up to everyone themselves to decide whether or not to be proud when they get copied, but in my case I am not proud at all, I am just angry, disappointed in whoever copies me and feel the necessity to change my style now that it feels unoriginal to me.

Experimenting is okay, I wouldn't say experimenting through copying a style is okay, but if you really need to do that, okay, go ahead BUT DON'T PUBLICIZE IT.
If it's really almost 100% the style of someone else, please just don't call it your own. You can experiment with it, but just don't show it off and claim it.
And if possible just avoid copying a style entirely - you can take the pieces you really like of an art style and mix them into the style you're developing, but don't just copy the entire thing.

Even if you say concepts and ideas matter, the style is 50% of everything in my opinion.
It's the style that gets an artist recognized and remembered.
If I came up with brilliant concepts 24/7 but my style fluctuated between realism, comic and anime all the time, chances are that barely anyone will be able to tell that this piece of art is made by me [unless my concepts are similar or stick to a similar theme perhaps].

I'm pretty sure I forgot half of what I wanted to say about this by now.

All in all, copying a style is unoriginal, cheap and even offensive to the artist who worked hard to achieve their unique art style if you ask me.
And I understand every single artist who makes a journal or generally complains about being copied, because they have the right to.
[unless they're just a drama queen, then pls no]

//drops mic Codes for Art?

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 25, 2015, 6:44 PM
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ALL GONE q v q

uh- just wondering if anyone here wants a code???

I still got 2 of them :iconureshiiplz:

I'd trade them for smth small like a chibi or so


NOT first come first serve

EROTES - Species Guide

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 16, 2015, 4:44 PM
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little guide for my lil babies (´▽`)

▌V I S U A L S ▌

[Erotes] Visual Species Guide by BJ-LIPS

▌M A I N ▌

[pl. Erotes; greek pl. of Eros - "Love" / "Desire"]
1 Eros , 2 Erotes etc.

Erotes, much like the Greek mythology tells, are winged gods associated with love and sex.
However they do not follow Aphrodite, Erotes stand on their own as gods and their physical attributes are quite different from how they are depicted in mythology.
Erotes are divided into two sub-god races: Silkwings and Jellywings [more below]

They are incredibly passionate and sensual beings.

▌A P P E A R A N C E ▌

Erotes are usually between 10-15 cm tall [3.9 -5.9 inches].
Their body shape can take any form between anorexic and obese, but the average Eros has a slender or toned built.
Except for the special traits mentioned below the body of an Eros looks and functions like that of a human.
Their skin and hair may have any color.
Every Eros without exception holds great handsomeness and/or beauty.

In their God form each Eros shows arm and leg markings on their skin.
Commonly these markings reach from their outer shoulders all the way down to their fingertips and from their crotch over their inner thighs towards the knees down to their toes.
However they may extend over their shoulders and collarbones, neck and even cheeks or cover the breast bone area.
The colors of the markings usually correspond to the pattern of their wings.
Markings do not indicate any kind of rarity.

Most Erotes are, biologically speaking, male. Female Erotes are quite uncommon, but exist.

While the eyes of an Eros are shaped like those of a human and also consist of a white sclera and iris, they lack pupils.
Furthermore their irises are constructed like compound eyes. Thus the pictures they see resemble a mosaic version of the reality and lack the ability of seeing tiny details, however in exchange they are able to process more pictures per second, thus seeing the things around them much slower than they actually are, making it easier for them to react.
The eyes of the Erotes may have any color.
They do not have any light reflections.

The so-called 'Loveye' refers to the heart-shaped third eye between their eyes and eyebrows.
The Loveye has normal vision.
Its pupil and second pupil are colored depending on the Type of Love the Eros is in charge of handling on earth and which Mode the Loveye is in [more below].
The Type of Love and Eros is in charge of is a birth right and cannot be altered.
The Loveye can see in the dark.

Their ears are super soft and squishy and very sensitive to loud noises.
Making a lot of noise will throw off an Eros' sense of direction and can even lead to a crash if the Eros is in the air.
The ears always have a heart-shaped chain pattern in the middle.

Erotes carry their halo around their necks. In normal state the halo is split in several pieces, floating loosely around the Eros' neck and signals that the Eros is healthy.
Should an Eros however get injured, sick, lack love or absorb too many negative feelings the halo will slowly tighten around their neck until its pieces unite to a ring again and begin to choke the Eros.
Unless the Eros suffering from a choking halo achieves to gather enough love in time their halo will eventually choke them to death.
The halo may have any color.
The halo glows in the dark.

The wings determine an Eros' sub-god race and are, of course, utilized for flight.
Silkwings have very thin, insect-like wings with an extremely smooth, silky texture.
Jellywings have squishy, fin-like wings, also with a smooth, but slightly sticky, wet texture.
Usually the wings of the Erotes have various colors and patterns.

Appendages grow on the outer side of both ears and on each side between an Eros' waist and hip.
They are frilly, soft, squishy and thin and very easily torn if not taken care of.
They're extremely sensitive to touch.
There may be string-like appendages in addition. How many appendages an Eros grows where is not limited and does not signify any kind of status or rarity.
The appendages glow softly in the dark.

The tail of an Eros is always colored red and consists of tightly woven strings of fate.
Each Eros has 2 thick strings of fate, usually tied into 1 or 2 knots. The shape of the knots varies.
As the Erotes are the ones connecting the humans by their strings of fate, they themselves have already been 'connected' as two strings of fate join together in their tail.
Should and Eros be severely injured, sick or even dying their knots will unwind.
Tail length may vary.

The Erotes prefer to wear as little as possible.
If it was not rather inappropriate on their job, the Erotes would not even wear any kind of clothes, they have come to cover up at least their most intimate parts [chest excluded, also for females], but while they are back at home they may choose not to wear anything at all.
They enjoy light and pretty clothing, loincloths, cloths in general, lace, frill and jewelry or other small accessories.
How much of their body they clothe is left to each Eros' own decision, they are merely obliged to cover at least their genitals while out on their job.

▌H O M E ▌

Erotes house in what humans imagine and label as 'heaven', a sphere of the earth actually named Ouranosphere high above the human sky and invisible to mankind.
When passing through earth's different spheres into space humans also travel through the Ouranosphere but cannot perceive the process.

The Ouranosphere is divided in countless areas called Nephos, personified and specific for each existing Eros and defies the rules of space and physics as it fits thousands upon thousands of Nephos right next to each other while each Nephos is still the size of a small country itself.
Depending on the Eros' preferences, wishes and likes their Nephos has been customized ever since their were born and matched perfectly with their character.
Some may have a desert-inspired Nephos, another one might have a Nephos that imitates the deep sea or a beautiful victorian mansion, the variations are endless.

▌P U R P O S E  &  A B I L I T I E S ▌

The Erotes have solely one purpose: regulate matters of love between humans on earth.
These 'matters of love' are not only matters of romantic love though.
Their main objective is acting as a matchmaker for humans of course, but they are in charge of issues like parental love or brotherly love as well.
Erotes will take whichever actions necessary to help situations and relationships unfold as planned by fate, this includes breaking relationships or other unkind gestures in order to follow fate's design. Sometimes even the death of a human becomes a necessity.
Very extraordinary and twisted kinds of love such as pedophilia or incest are also included, the Erotes cannot let their own judgement cloud their determination of fulfilling fate's plans, even if those plans are by no means pretty.

While remaining in their god form the Erotes can neither be seen, heard, felt or smelled, however the impacts they leave can be perceived by humans [e.g. if they were to throw a cup off a table, the cup would break and the human would be able to see the broken cup, but not who or what is responsible].
An Eros may choose to show themselves to the humans, but it is a rare practice and usually looked down upon.

Through the Loveye the Erotes are able to see the hearts of humans and from these read their innermost wishes and desires relating to the feeling of love.

The Type of Love [1st/outer pupil] determines which specific kind of love matters an Eros in in charge of managing on earth.
[this color may not be changed at any time]
There are four Types of Love:

♥ Eros - shades of red - the love one feels for a human who is in no way related to oneself, affection
♥ Philia - shades of blue - the love one feels for their friends, loyalty, a love between equals
♥ Storge - shades of green - the love between parents and children, natural empathy
♥ Agape - shades of yellow - the love of people/a community, brotherly love

The Mode [2nd/inner pupil]determines in which specific way the Eros will affect the Type of Love and thus situation they are dealing with.
The Mode changes depending on how an Eros is supposed to influence a relationship.
[this color may be changed depending on the situation]
There are four Modes:

♥ Eros - shades of purple - love based on desires intrigued by another human in any way, mostly sexual [does not lead to Anteros] [average Mode]
♥ Anteros - white - mutual love
♥ Himeros - shades of grey - unrequited love
♥ Pothos - shades of orange - desire/longing of any kind [not as deep as Eros]

A little explanation:
For example an Eros has a Loveye with the Type of Love Philia, this means on earth they are in charge of managing relationships between friends.
Now in a specific case an Eros is supposed to affect the love between friends in a way that these friends have a one-night stand according to fate's plans for their relationship.
The Mode will remain in the average Eros, helping the Eros in charge with establishing a one-night stand between the two friends.
Later on fate's plan for these two friends however says that one of them will fall in love with the other but this remains unrequited. Now the Loveye's Mode will switch to Himeros as the Eros keeps affecting the relationship.
Until fate's plan for this specific relationship comes to an end the Eros will guide the development.

Whenever an Eros successfully guides a relationship according to fate's plan, they will absorb a part of the love, which humans don't perceive, through their tail, making their spine glow bright red for a few of seconds.
If severely injured or sick or even at the verge of death an Eros' spine will glow constantly and slowly start flickering and fading entirely when death eventually takes them.

The Erotes, instead of showing themselves in their god form to the humans, are able to take on a human form when dealing with love matters on earth.
For the sake of performing and pursuing their job better they can transform to look like any other human, however they maintain the color of their eyes and hair as well as their body built and shape, but their skin color and height changes of course as to mimic a human appearance.
In their human form they may were any kind of clothes.
Even when taking on a human shape Erotes are still insanely good-looking, gorgeous people.

▌L I F E ▌

Outside their job on earth Erotes live a very jovial and carefree life. The Ouranosphere is a place of harmony and happiness, paradise if you will. But this doesn't mean that all Erotes are necessarily saints and goody two-shoes.

When they're not working they absolutely love to indulge in festivities,throwing parties or doing other entertaining things, often together with other Erotes since they love the social life.
There are calmer or more secluded Erotes too though, their preferences and hobbies vary as much as those of humans.

Erotes are not nearly as judgemental as humans when it comes to relationships, sexualities or other preferences related to the love life.
Any kind of sexuality or relationship is accepted in their society, homosexuality is not uncommon and neither is polygamy.
However most of the time Erotes do not bind themselves to others of their kind, they have broad customs of freedom in this matter. One-night stands, threesomes, even orgies are not really exceptions and most Erotes don't feel inconvienced by such things at all and even less by talking about sexual topics.
They love to love.
This does not mean that every last one of them is as free-spirited about such things though, there are Erotes that want to bind themselves, too.

Procreation among the Erotes is possible, but a rare thing to do.
Erotes can only have a child when two partners reach deep, honest, mutual agreement on the topic and make love with the determination of having a baby in mind.
Should only one partner not be entirely sure about becoming pregnant, the pregnancy will not even begin.
Erotes can also choose which partner will be the one to carry the child. Pregnancy usually lasts about four weeks and the child grows up to its adult size within just a few days.
Should an Eros attempt to bring too many newborn Erotes into the world, their ability to do so will be shut down as there is a natural limit for procreation of Erotes to prevent overpopulation. Reaching this limit is an extremely rare case though since most Erotes really don't intend to have children.
Furthermore there are no such things as real families the way the humans have them. Erotes may bear a child but once grown up the Eros stands as a god on their own and don't really feel any kind of bond to their 'parents' like human children do. Often the child does not even resemble its 'parents'.

Relationships between a human and an Eros are also possible, but rare.
If an Eros chooses to be with a human they must give up their life as an Eros and will officially cease to exist in the community of the Erotes.
Being with a human is only possible by taking their human form permanently, eventually becoming a human themselves.

Technically speaking Erotes are immortal beings unless they die from injuries, diseases or corruption.

While their food source for survival lies in the love they absorb from human relationships, Erotes can eat and drink all kinds of meat, plants, fruit or vegetables and fluids if they wish to.
Such food doesn't fulfill the purpose of nurturing their bodies but rather serves as something pleasant to them. They don't really have a feeling of fullness.
Most Erotes prefer a vegetarian diet.

▌C O R R U P T I O N ▌

The corruption of an Eros has a similiar symbolism than that of a curse among the Erotes.
Corrupted Erotes are usually greatly looked down upon, shunned, despised, ostracized and partially even persecuted by their race depending on their state of corruption.

There are two types of corruption: natural and acquired.

Naturally corrupted Erotes are extremely rare.
Despite being corrupted they are treated like royalty among the Erotes, the 'Kings'.
Natural corruption begins from birth on and lasts their entire life.
It is easily noticed as naturally corrupted Erotes are the only ones with wings shaped either feathered [angel-like] or skinned [bat-like].
The highest form of natural corruption is that of a prehistoric wing shape, resembling the wings of a pterosaur. Erotes with this form are treated royaly even among the 'Kings', the 'Kings of Kings', so to speak.
While being treated like royalty or even worshipped, this treatment is not the result of respect, but the result of fear and condemnation by the other Erotes.
Natural corruption often comes with other rare traits such as oversized or multiple wings.

Acquired corruption is quite different from natural corruption.
An Eros will reach the state of acquired corruption through the inability, refusal or simply failure to pursue their purpose.
If an Eros does not regularly 'feast' on the love achieved by guiding human relationships according to fate's plans or negative feelings in their surroundings outweigh the positive ones, their halo will begin to choke the Eros and eventually 'kill' them.
By being 'killed' and Eros will continue existing in a zombie-like state.
Their skin takes on a grey-ish tint, their eyes become blind and, much like their Loveye, turn pitch black and their wings, ears and appendages begin to rot and fall apart. Their tail will be unwound and partially torn, leaving their spine in a constant glow.
An Eros in this state is only partially able to carry out their purpose, however their ability to do so fades with every passing day, thus if not enough love is gathered quickly, they will lose their ability entirely and only maintain the skill of viewing human hearts.
The only way for an Eros of acquired corruption to survive [once the ability to pursue their purpose is lost] is by gouging out the hearts of living humans and eating them, thus killing the human.
For this reason corrupted Erotes in this final state are persecuted by their kin and killed.

▌R A R I T I E S ▌

• an Eros born with any kind of physical disability [blind, deaf, mute, lacking limbs etc.]
• more than 2 eyes
• an Eros born with a natural choking halo
• more than 2 wings
• oversized wings
• more than 2 strings of fate
• more than 2 knots on the tail
• oversized knots on the tail
• natural corruption [see above]

▌M  I S C ▌

• Erotes are very sensitive and perceptive towards the feelings and atmosphere around them
• Silkwings and Jellywings can't stand each other
• Erotes get drunk on rosewater
• they have a foible for mischief and pranks
• they often have their own specific erogenous areas
• Erotes can get injured in the same ways humans can, although their skin is a little bit sturdier than that of a human
• Erotes can catch diseases on earth, although their immune system works a lot better than that of a human
• there are no limits to the kinds of relationships the Erotes deal with, hetero, bisexual, asexual, monogamous, polygamous, necrophile etc., everything is possible
• as fate's plans often cover longer spans of time the Erotes do not constantly stay on earth watching over their respective subjects, they affect them in the way they are supposed to, let the situation take its course and return when necessary changes must be made

▌D I S C L A I M E R ▌

╳ I am not the creator of ╳
Various wing shapes, the heart/ear/appendages shape, compound eyes, the red string of fate, halos, the original Greek Erotes mythology or the Greek words for love.
All I claim credit for is the idea for this specific combination of these things.
╳ Original mythological associations ╳
Have been altered to my personal interpretation.
╳ Erotes are a closed species by BJ-LIPS
You may not create your own Eros, sorry. You may purchase them as adoptables or customs from BJ-LIPS.
╳ The artwork rightfully belongs to me ╳

Have any questions the guide doesn't answer?
Feel free to ask away in the comments ♥

hops on the bandwagon and hopes nobody sees

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 12:39 AM
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badge 14 would be lonely without badge 15 oppa SO ╮(╯▽╰)╭

【?】1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
3 years - 4 in 20 days (´⊙ω⊙`)

【?】2. What does your username mean?
BJ-LIPS = Blowjob Lips

Need I say more?

【?】3. Describe yourself in three words.
Loyal - lazy - introspective

【?】4. Are you left or right handed?
Righty ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

【?】5. What was your first deviation?
It is lost in the pits of hell and shall never be spoken of again

【?】6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
OTP / OC art tbh both digitally and traditionally

【?】7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
A paint-y style animu / realistic alike

【?】8. What was your first favourite?
........................................................ I don't fav and should be punished prolly :iconshadowedplz:

【?】9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
[I'm gonna take 'favourite' as in 'like'] Art of my OC's / esp OTPs or simply those with a style appealing to me

【?】10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
There are too many people here I look up to, but out of all those people I choose :iconmijeonie: because I don't only look up to her for her art, but for the person she is

【?】11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

【?】12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Honestly: many amazing people here have impacted my life greatly, whether they are aware of it or not
Artists I look up to inspired me and motivated me to keep improving my art
Artists I became friends with each had their own little impact on the person I currently am, all of them mattered, all of you matter
And finally there is mijeonie who still keeps impacting my life on a daily basis and molds me into a better person simply because she's always there ILU

【?】13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Paint Tool SAI and my tablet BUT I have come to love colored mechanical pencils with liners too

【?】What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
In my room, on my bed, listening to my favorite music
However I often come up with lots of ideas in the bathroom / bathtub strangely LMAO

【?】What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
The chat times when Re|Heroes first started out and I met mijeonie ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

can I get my badge now?



Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 7:47 PM
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just reposting this here from my tumblr

【?】What's your name?
I'm BJ ( • ∀ •)ノ゙
pls don't call me lips sobs
【?】How old are you?
Born on January 28th 1997 ♥
【?】Where are you from?
Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany
【?】Which sites can I find you on?
facebook | tumblr | twitter | weebly

【?】What kind of tablet do you use?
A Wacom Bamboo Fun
【?】Which programs do you use?
Paint Tool SAI, PS CS5, Clip Studio Paint
【?】What are your brush settings?

hope it helps ♥
【?】What traditional media do you use?
I use a mechanical pencil [0,5], fineliner, a set of Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencils, a set of brownish grey Delta Markers and uh- that's about it
【?】Do you have tutorials? / Would you make some?
Ah- I never made any, but if you'd like to see a specific one from me, hit me up about it?
【?】How long have you been drawing?
I think I started in 2006 haha
【?】We're the same age! / You're younger than me! - But I'm not nearly as good at drawing / don't nearly have as much talent ...
Okay, talent is bs haha
I got to where I am by drawing almost every single day ever since 2006 and never giving up, always trying to improve, getting inspired and trying new things and just drawing, drawing, drawing
It has nothing to do with talent or age, it's simply how much time you put into it ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ
【?】Can you give me any advices how to draw XY?
NGL I- am ... a horrible teacher ............ (┐「ه: )_
But if you really need me to help you, I gonna try my best ;;;;;
【?】Do you have any professional art training? [e.g. art school/classes]
NOPE- never took any classes and not taking any right now
Everything I know about art is self-taught ♥

【?】Do you do Requests / Art Trades / Collabs / Commissions?
Check my profile the info ♥
【?】For a Commission / Art Trade I'd like you to draw a girl / anthro?
Even though I rarely draw girls or anthros I'd love to draw those for you, too, YES ♥
【?】Can I use my commissioned art from you as my icon / page deco etc.?

【?】Do you go to conventions?
I doooooo - but they're in Germany (´╥ ω ╥`)
【?】Do you stream?
A h h - n o ----- you hit a nerve there asjdhf idk why but I can't do streams it throws me off my groove
【?】Could I cosplay your OC?
【?】Can I draw your OC?

【?】Who / What are your inspirations?
Kazuaki, music [esp kpop], Old Xian, mookie000, azolitmin, lots of ppl on dA and LOTS OF BL DJS TBH
【?】What do you listen to when you draw?
mostly kpop tbh but also j-pop/j-rock and movies - yes I listen to movies while I draw that's not weird
【?】Why did you choose that artist name?
U u h - a joke taken too seriously tbh
Also have you actually SEEN my lips?

【?】Why do you only draw boys?
boys are love, boys are life
【?】What's up with those lips? LOL
what's up with your face LOL
【?】Do you rp?
【?】Can we rp?
I'd love to rp with anyone who's in the same rp group as me ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
【?】Can we pair characters?
A h - I don't just- pair- ............
【?】Why don't you reply to my comment?

More questions that aren't answered here?
Please shoot them right at me ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

I wanna get rid of this CORE MEMBERSHIT right now

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 5:11 PM
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Is2g is there a way to like- drop out of CORE membership?
I'd love one right now
I'd rather take my brand new profile down and make it plain instead of having it for another 9 months just to deal with the pain then
bc I surely ain't gonna pay 50 fucking $ just to have this ugly ass Dragon Ball star icon and the even uglier CORE tag next to my precious name

Like seriously dA the icon is punishment enough why also raise prices for this crap???

[I mean I get the company financial situation mb butit makes no sense cconsidering the memberbase smh]

Trading Art for Points [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2015, 3:09 PM
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Wanna get rid of your dA points?

I'd love it if you could help me out then-
You and I could do each other a favor with this ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

Ok so here's the deal:

► I'm saving up for a Super Group lmao
and buying it with money is so expensive i cry
► Goal is 4,800 :points:

• Please donate the Points on my profile [above comment section]
• Each donation will receive art from me depending on the amount of Points donated
• Once you donated, I will contact you via Note and ask for your character I should draw

► Calculations:
• If you donate let's say 400 :points: you can either have 2 sketch headshots or 1 sketch waist up and so on
You may always choose anything that is within your Donation range
You get the gist right- I'll ask you about that via Note too dw
• If you donate amounts that aren't listed below like 2500 :points: you can get 1 Full Color Waist-up + 1 Sketch Chibi or whatever else is in that Donation range [you can also take like 5 Sketch Chibis lmao]

► Donation = Art List

• 100-200 :points: = Sketch headshot / Bust-up [very clean, done with pencil]
• 300-400 :points: = Sketch Waist (/Hips) -up
• 500 :points: = Sketch Chibi
• 600 :points: = Sketch Knees (/Shins) -up OR b/w headshot / Bust-up
• 700-800 :points: = b/w Waist (/Hips) -up OR b/w Chibi
• 900-999 :points: = Colorful Mini Chibi [SAMPLE]
• 1000-1100 :points: = Colorful Regular Chibi [SAMPLE]
• 1200 :points: = Full Color Mini Chibi
• 1400-1500 :points: = Full Color Headshot / Bust-up
• 1600 :points: = Full Color Regular Chibi
• 2000 :points: = Full Color Waist (/Hips) -up
• 3000 :points: = Full Color Fullbody
• SPECIAL OFFER: Full Donation of 3100 :points: = may choose any art as if you paid 4000 :points:


Look at this

Journal Entry: Sat May 30, 2015, 1:29 PM

UPDATE: where I've been / am going

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 7:28 PM
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hello hello ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

so I kinda strayed from dA .......................................................... :iconshadowedplz:


that doesn't mean I'm not drawing anymore lmao
Im just kinda inactive here orz

[to all those I owe art to: dw I got that on my list ♥]

either way-

right now, for those who haven't seen it yet, I'm working on a doujinshi project q 7 q
I've got a rly tight schedule for this one, so I'm barely doing anything else orz
Until like Mid-May I'll be working on that ;;;;;;;;;;;;
afterwards- I should have time for other artsy stuff
on this note: sorry for postponing the rest of my to-do list you guys _(´□`」 ∠)_

Also I am currently in my finals phase - and that's pretty intense in Germany so it's stress²
I'll be officially graduating in June/July
and after that- plan is to work for a year and then run away to Canada //punched
So everything's kinda crazy rn hahaha ha h a

In any case-

I'm much more active on my facebook these days
so if you want to be as up-to-date with me as it gets, please follow me there q m q

I've also started using twitter and will be posting random crap and doodles / wips there so you can come join me there too ; 7 ;

I've kinda gotten quite into traditional art and I don't really post single works here on dA but only on fb / twitter so y e a h
same goes for other trashy art updates ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I just feel like my dA is no place for those works hnnngg-
dnw to spam my gallery

so please feel free to follow me on facebook and/or twitter if you want to see those updates haha

Meanwhile I'll probably be on hiatus here for a while longer until my finals & dj project are over
I'd love to be more active here again sobs
I miss all the cool ppl I came to love and appreciate here aaaaahhh;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


NEWS ALERT God is an alien

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 9:22 AM
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w h o o p s
I've been tagged ( థ౪థ)
By :iconsheyu:
Thank you so much for thinking of me (∕ ∕•̥̥̥̥∕ω∕•̥̥̥̥∕)

so here I go-

[1] You must post these rules.
[2] Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
[3] Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
[4] Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
[5] You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
[6] No tag-backs.
[7] You can't say that you don't do tags.
[8] You MUST make a journal entry!


►►[1] Last song you listened to/book you read?
Punishment - Roh Ji Hoon | J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit

►►[2] Would you prefer headphones or a stereo?
This is actually rly hard uh- but I think I'm gonna say headphones ;;;;;;

►►[3] Would you rather listen to the radio, or your own playlist?
PLAYLIST ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

►►[4] Do you like meat or fruits more?
Fruits [I'm a vegetarian so joke's on u //punched]

►►[4] Hentai or Yaoi? [I love how there are two # 4s haha]
Y A O I ( థ౪థ)
►►[5] Sweaters or Hoodies?
Depends on the design!

►►[6] Movie or TV Series?
Usually rather TV Series (✪▽✪)

►►[7] Do you watch any Youtube gaming channels? (If so, who?)
AYE, I do [ Markiplier]
[tho I'm no big gamer myself so that's the only gaming channel I watch]

►►[8] What's one of your favorite art pieces that you've drawn?
Definitely grosssobs all over the place by BJ-LIPS

►►[9] Do you like coffee?
If iced coffee counts then hella ✧*。ヾ( • ∀ •)ノ゙✧*。

►►[10] What art program do you use?
Paint Tool SAI [and Photoshop CS6 for editing + backgrounds or graphical designs]


-1- Favorite nickname you ever received?

-2- The one piece of clothing / outfit you secretly always wanted?

-3- Most predominant pet peeve of yours?

-4- The silliest thing you ever believed? [and perhaps don't believe anymore]

-5- Any song that has ever given you an eargasm? [name at least one!]

-6- Your most idolized artist? [can be on any website]

-7- Most important person in your life?

-8- @ # 7: Why?

-9- What is your personal meaning of life?

-10- All aliens are immortal.
God is immortal.
Conclusion: God is an alien.



THE TAG IS UR PROBLEM NOW :iconlaughsplz:

a confession [kind of?]

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 8, 2015, 1:42 AM
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ah yeah-
uhm- this is gonna be a pretty personal journal entry, so if you don't want to hear anything about something like that from me, you don't have to read this

I don't really write this to ask for advice or make up a sob-story so I'm pitied-
And I don't like getting this personal in public, but this one time I just-

I just- felt like I really want to get this out-
I might just delete it after a while, sorry, I don't know yet
But I will reply all comments, if you have something to say to me after reading this

So- here I go-

I don't even know how to start this-

Most of you probably don't know, but I'm in a relationship
It's no bad relationship, I'm really, really happy

And- you see-
I rarely fall in love
I never crushed on someone and only loved someone romantically once in my life before my current relationship-
But when I fall in love, I fall all the more - I fall really, really deeply in love
To the point where I couldn't care less about my own happiness as long as the person I love is happy-

And I fell in love even deeper than I did the first time-
And I am being loved back just as deeply-

The one I love is not happy-
They hurt a lot and they go through a lot of hard times-

I always try to help, try to make it better somehow, I reach out and try to find the right words and stay by their side no matter what

But it's not enough-
I can't do enough, I can't wipe out my beloved's pain, I can't protect them from being hurt and I can't take away all that suffering-

I try an try and keep on going and you see, it's 10 am now and I was awake all night again in order to make my loved one happy-
But I just feel so incapable-

I know I make them happy, don't get me wrong- I know it
But I still cannot prevent further pain and it comes raining down like a storm of bullets and I can't fucking protect them-

Have you ever loved someone so much that their pain hurts you more than your own?

When my loved one is hurting and says awful things to me that they regret as soon as they calm down, I should be sad or angry or disappointed
But by now I don't take offense anymore-
Because my loved one thinks so, so badly of themselves - and when I hear them say all those awful things about themselves it hurts me a thousand times more than if I was the one being offended-
I go on, trying to convince them of the opposite in the hopes of one day actually making a difference, creating a happier life for the one I love-

But I always cry-
I don't cry because I am unhappy or insulted-
I cry because I can't fucking do a damn thing and have to watch my loved one suffer all this misery and although I do everything in my power I just cannot take that away-
Can you imagine how much that hurts?
It hurts so bad- so, so bad-
This feeling of impotence is the worst-

I don't pity my loved one, it's not pity I feel
Pity would be disrespectful in my opinion
No- I don't pity them
I just love them so goddamn much that every time they get hurt, I feel twice as bad in the end-
I love them so much that their suffering is worse for me than my own-
And I hear the things they say and I see the things that happen- all this misery that they don't deserve
Not even in the slightest
My loved one deserves to be happy - they always do anything to please the people around them but they don't get shit for it- only more pain, more sadness
It makes me furious and it devastates me like nothing else-
My loved one doesn't deserve this treatment, even if they think otherwise
I will keep on fighting for them even if they give up-
I want them to be happy-
I don't want the to suffer-
I would give anything, anything, I would trade my own happiness for misery if this just meant my beloved could be happy

Have you ever felt so strongly for someone?
So strongly that you lay in bed crying and biting back screams because you're hurting so much by watching them suffer?

It's a warm feeling - warm and very, very lovely, I wouldn't want to change it even if I could
No matter how much it hurts me, I love them and one day I will see them happy

This is not me complaining
This is not me whining
Or trying to look like a saint

I am simply confessing this in a moment of weakness and honesty-

You may think "Oh what a drama queen" or "She's so young, she doesn't know what she's talking about yet"
You may call me immature and overly dramatic or god knows what else-
But this is what it is for me, this is what I feel right now and this is what I know is real right. now.

AND DEAR LOVED ONE, if you come to read this:

I did not write this to tell others about your life
I simply wrote this because I needed one more way of showing you how much you mean to me
Please, no matter how bad you feel about yourself, no matter what things you accuse yourself of being, no matter what other people tell you,

Never stop coming to me for comfort, I will always listen, I will always be there for you.
Even if it hurts me to see you in pain, I want to make it better, so talk to me when you need someone to talk to.

for all those of you that have actually made it down to this point and read the wall of text up there, I'd like to thank you
Truly, thank you
It means a lot to me that you took the time to read this

And please, nobody has to worry
I am a very emotionally stable person and I have people to support me in my life
I am doing well
I am just very deeply in love


Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 1:54 PM
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my best buddy successfully rickrolled me on my birthday


also thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes ; 3 ;
I'll make sure to reply all the comments soon <33333
//drops dead cause no sleep last night

Reviving old ocs shrieks [+ weebly revamp]

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 10:28 AM
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aaaaalrighty then-

So after like- a whole year ??? I've finally gotten over my freaking self and decided to revive some of my old OCs which some of you guys might still remember cries

All the love and pain while doing so :iconlazypoolplz:

But I did it anyway- cause man I still worship these characters no matter how many bad memories are connected to them hng-


My weebly

The button:

So now you can many more characters of mine + their profiles on my weebly -

Perhaps some of you really like to see all those old faces again so yeah-

Feel free to drop by my weebly and check those babies q u q



Christmas Miracle my ass

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 22, 2014, 5:40 PM
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Since so many of you commented- I thought I'd let you know-

My mom just talked to me, apparently the doctors started with the surgery to transplant the kidney for my dad, but they saw that my dad's Arteriosclerosis is already too advanced to make a transplant possible.

They cancelled the surgery and notified my parents that my dad will never be able to receive a new kidney, as nothing can be done about his Arteriosclerosis by now.
He'll be taken off the transplant list and has to go to the dialysis for the rest of his life.

And as if that wasn't enough, it seems that the risk of an amputation of limbs becoming inevitable is rising constantly, since the Arteriosclerosis isn't getting any better in the slightest-

So -

I don't know what more to tell you-

Hey hey guys ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

Here a little talk out of shou's personal life 
[you don't have to read, just a lil' update so you guys know what's going on rn]

So I prolly never mentioned this, but for 10+ years my dad has been going to the dialysis now, since both of his kidney don't work properly anymore.

Hence he's been gone 3 days a week for the whole day and well, you can imagine the family life didn't go all too nicely.
Also it greatly pains my dad that he's barely home and spends so little time with us and he's pretty much given up on this ever changing.
He's been waiting for a kidney donation for all those years now, so his PoV is understandable, given he's already over 50 y/o.

A few days ago the hospital called, telling us my dad would receive a new kidney.
You can imagine my whole family went crazy -
Until we received another call just a few minutes later, telling us it was a mistake.

G O O D  J O B

Turns out it was a really complicated and stupid situation about some B-kidney which is a rather risky one to transplant yaddayadda first come first serve whatsoever-

It devastated my dad, but he said it was better than receiving a kidney that would act up after half a year for all he knows.
Still he was really down all the time.

It would've been THE most amazing Christmas present.

Everyone pretty much gave up on the subject after a while, now utterly lacking the faith something good would happen soon.

Everyone but me tbh - I had a gut feeling something would brighten up the day again.
I even bought my dad a little guardian angel carved from wood for Christmas-

And now, just two days before Christmas, in the middle of the night
A call
The transplantation center
Notifying us, that, this time for good, my dad WOULD indeed receive a new kidney before Christmas eve !

He'll be taken to the hospital tomorrow and they'll perform the surgery somewhen tomorrow evening -

Gosh guys I'm so happy I could cry--
This has been my dad's only dream for all these years and it's finally come true-
Just before Christmas and his birthday too ---

I don't care what people will say, but this definitely is my very own Christmas miracle ♥


[P. S. so life's a little hectic rn, but I'll make sure to get all the things I owe done soon cries]